Lacrosse Eye Shield Visor fits Cascade Helmets by EliteTek ** 7 COLORS AVAILABLE** -

Lacrosse Eye Shield Visor fits Cascade Helmets by EliteTek ** 7 COLORS AVAILABLE**

OUR VISORS FIT CASCADE LACROSSE HELMETS. Shielding your eyes from finger pokes, airborne particles and objects. Helps to increase player confidence on the field and improve game concentration and also reduces the risk of head or neck injuries caused by face mask grabbing.

  • ANTI-FOG AND SCRATCH RESISTANT COATING: applied to ensure clarity and durability (No visor is 100% scratch proof).
  • IMPACT RESISTANT: Optical poly carbonate material blocks harmful UV/Blue light. Eliminates annoying glare, and controls light intensity.
  • APPROVED FOR ALL LEAGUES: This clear visor is approved for all youth, HS and College games.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: EliteTek Visors are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.
  • **We will add other helmets to the list as we verify that they work with our visor.**

  • SMOKED VISOR TINT: Light Transmittance 48-50%. 

  • BLACK GOLD & DARK COLOR VISORS = 28% light gets through.

  • MIRRORED VISOR TINT: Special "mirror" finish give you the edge you seek! 38% light transmittance.

  • CLEAR COLORED VISOR: CLEAR VISOR with color tint and 60% LIGHT TRANSMITTANCE. Multi-Angle Reflection offers a WIDE RANGE SPECTRUM OF DIFFERENT COLORS under Different Lighting!
1) Place visor on Inside of facemask, will require bending & flexing of visor into facemask. 
2) Insert visor all way to top, make sure visor is centered on mask & helmet. Left & right tabs should reach maximum height inside the helmet. 
3) Attach clips to visor & facemask, but do not tighten yet! 
4) KEY STEP: Pull / Tilt Bottom of visor upwards, as close to inside of facemask as possible. 
5) Hold visor in Updward position Now tighten the clips. 
6) Visor should be Tilted at angel with bottom of visor as close to facemask & top of visor inwards to allow for more room for face inside of helmet).

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