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7 Piece Slotted Football Pad – Complete Set

7 Piece Slotted Football Pad – Complete Set
SKU 060420100001
Our price: $11.99
Barnett Junior Pads are exceptionally lightweight and are designed for placement under clothing. The junior pads provide additional protection to reduce impact injuries on the field.

Have optimal protection no matter how rough the game becomes with the Barnett Junior Pads.

Barnett Junior Pads are designed only for 15-17 year olds for practice or game play.

Pads are 100% Vinyl allowing for maximum flexibility.

One Size Only.

-Slotted pad set includes everything you need for all-around protection
-1 pair of slotted hip pads
-1 slotted tailbone pad
-1 pair of thigh pads
-1 pair of molded knee pads
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