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Heat Pro Headgear

Heat Pro Headgear
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Heat Pro

Our Heat Pro helmets are used around the world by youth and adult flag football leagues, high school 7 on 7 passing leagues, Youth passing tournaments and (AYF) American Youth Football. Providing protection to the head, ears and scalp of competing players is a necessity. Also, preventing abrasions scrapes and gashes while going for the ball or engaging in collisions. The Heat Pro is ideal for beginners and professionals that want to compete and avoid preventable injuries from cleats, elbows, forearms and goalposts. The Heat Pro provides protection with excellent visibility and is adjustable with a rear elastic tie and adjustable chin strap to ensure comfort. Professional soccer players have sustained severe skull injuries and trauma from collisions and are rapidly supporting soccer headgear. Professional Rugby Players have worn Scrum caps for over a decade. 7 on 7 is the fastest growing competition within football, giving skilled players an opportunity to show talents attracting scouts for major NCAA universities.


Product Details


  • Washable and easily stored. Molded out of EVA Rubber foam, with a LYCRA finished outer shell.
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes to meet the needs of your team.
  • Light weight and Adjustable to ensure comfort.
  • Approved by IRB (International Rugby Board).
  • Approved for use in most leagues, including most high school summer passing leagues. CIF Southern Section Ruling 1921.4 (a): Allows soft protective equipment for the ears and head for summer time rules.
How to Measure Your Helmet? 
To measure your player, you will need a string and a measuring tape. Place one end of string on center of forehead and wrap string around head until touching starting point. The string should be about ½” above each ear. Hold ending point and now measure the string, round your measurement up to the nearest size.


Extra Small = 20 – ½” (typically 4-5 years old)

Small = 21 – ½” (typically 6-8 years old)

Medium = 22 – ½” (typically 9-15 years old)

Large = 23 – ½” (typically 15-adult)


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