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We offer excellent fundraising programs that allow your team to easily raise money.

We provide you with everything you need at no cost to you. Our fundraisers provide products that the players will actually use. In the past, teams have used the proceeds for items or activities such as trophies, banquets, tournaments, etc.

Team Sports Fundraising Equipment

How it Works:

  1. Contact us to get setup packet. We assign a representative that will help you coordinate your fundraiser.
  2. Hand out flyers to all interested players and parents throughout your league.
  3. Set a 1 week deadline for orders to be submitted.
  4. Collect all orders and money for orders. You will be credited $5-10 for every item sold.
  5. Submit order form and payment to your representative. Orders are usually filled within 1 week!
You can request samples from us for $20 (Limit one per fundraiser type). When you place your order for the visor fundraiser we can make an extra sticker to send you for the sample visor. That way you can use it.